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Concierge Boutique Mental Health Services in Los Gatos, CA 

We now offer both in person and secure
therapy by phone or video daily Mon through Fri
from 8am to 8pm 

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Meet Dr. Hirshfeld

I am a Lacanian Psychoanalyst and a licensed clinical psychologist in practice with infants, children, young adults, adults, couples & families. I acknowledge that suffering experienced in relation to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, developmental difficulties, marital distress, parenting, trauma, illness, medical conditions, physical pain experienced in relation to physical injuries, illness & other experiences can result in debilitating distress. Amongst other roles, I also have served as a founder of companies including Tech and understand the incredible toll & joy startup life takes.

In my practice I cognize that choosing a psychologist & treatment modality can be difficult and confusing. I am here to attempt answering questions you may have about the process of therapy, analysis, or brief analysis. 

Areas of expertise: assessment; treatment planning; trauma, secondary stress, burnout & compassion fatigue; psychoanalysis; brief psychoanalysis; treatment of ages 0-5; psychotherapy for children, young adults, adults, couples & families; consultation to clinicians, teachers, executives & institutions.

I have also authored manuscripts in the areas of child psychoanalysis, psychosomatic conditions, trauma & secondary stress & co-authored & implemented a Brief Lacanian Treatment Model & a "Lacanian Approach" model to the organization and its individuals. I also offer a weekly Lacanian Seminar for clinicians to help advance their knowledge of Lacanian & Freudian theory & practice. 

I have completed a postdoc fellowship @ Stanford Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS); conducted extensive research @ PTSD Research Program, SFVA/UCSF; was a consultant to the Brief Lacanian Analysis Project @ MMH; served as Adjunct Clinical Faculty @ CIIS & as Faculty & VP @ Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis (LSP), & as a founder in Tech.

Services are offered in English & Hebrew by Dr Hirshfeld as well as Spanish by her Team. 

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Our Services

Browse through the various services offered by Dr. Ayelet Hirshfeld & her Team 




I provide consultation to organizations & executives interested in promoting their management skills, and clinicians who provide psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

I see patients in both brief and long-term individual psychotherapy. Patients present with different areas of concern or symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression, grief, work-related difficulties, parenting related difficulties, intimacy related concerns, trauma related symptoms etc. 

I see patients in both brief and long-term Lacanian Analysis. If you are interested in exploring the option of analysis, we will first meet for a few preliminary meetings in order to establish the modality and whether this is a good fit for your demand. 


I provide play therapy for children with a variety of developmental, social, emotional & behavioral issues. For example: biting, depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties, difficulty separating, difficulty adjusting to preschool or school, coping with parents’ divorce, coping with the birth of a sibling, and other life transitions and stressors.


Couple's mediation upon separation, traditionally does not involve the child. We listen to the child indirectly vis a vis our trained professionals during mediation. 


I see couples in both brief and long-term psychotherapy. Patients present with different areas of concern or symptoms ranging from anxiety, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, marriage related difficulties, intimacy related concerns,  etc. 


We provide Psychological, Developmental, Psychoeducational, Custody, Forensic, and Disability Evaluations. 



Practice Areas
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