Parental Alienation Support Group 

This psychotherapy support group for alienated parents is designed to facilitate processing the trauma and grief that results from the rejection and or denigration of a beloved child(ren) with whom the parent previously had a loving connection. Parental Alienation is typically the result of a contentious divorce, separation  or custody battle, but may occur in intact families as well. 

Lead by Dr. Charlotte M. Nolan, PhD;  expert in child development, parent-child relationships, family conflict and trauma/PTSD, group members will share their stories and become empowered by learning about the psychology and emotional mechanisms of parental alienation. Additionally, group members will facilitate problem solving around the practical issue of children’s rejection (i.e;  custody in Family Courtly; attempts to reach the alienating parent though Family Mediation or Family Therapy, and other self-help methods). The group leader, Dr, Nolan, will also help members feel empowered to improve their parenting and connections with their child(ren) while deeply understanding and validating the fact that no normal range parenting errors have been the cause of a child’s extreme rejection. 


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